Case Studies

Case study 1: Technical analysis

September 2016


A high-net worth individual commissioned a high level review of an emerging energy company in Europe. The review included a day at the business talking with the management team followed by 2 days conducting an IP search and patent review, a technology analysis including level of maturity and commercialisation. Existing networks and knowledge coupled with some new research into the sector underpinned a review of the competitive landscape and market feasibility. The business was a small manufacturing company with good technical resource, but operating in a complex and competitive sector. The final report included an appraisal of the technology vis-à-vis the competition, the viability of the business plan and the capability of the management team.

Case study 2: Business analysis

November 2016

A high-net worth individual asked for an investigation of a UK high-tech manufacturing company. A day was spent with the management team to learn about the technology, the competitive space, and the business plans. Subsequently the company’s capital structure and investment plans were analysed. A report was written which enabled the investor to negotiate effectively with the company and with the other potential investors.

Case study 3: Financial and Business Modelling

Feb 2017

0ee482_20850be64b41496c862ea65293c3f0fe~mv2AGM Batteries takes exciting new battery chemistries from research groups and other companies and turns them into products. They have a cell and battery manufacturing facility, and the skills to be able to accelerate new technologies to market. If a client has a demanding battery requirement (cheaper, lighter, more powerful etc.) then AGM has access to the technology and the ability to manufacture. AGM has contracted Krino Partners to help them develop their financial and business modelling and to provide CFO services.

Case Study 5: Financial Modelling

 April 2016


Rezatec is a leading specialist geospatial data analytics company. Krino Partners provided Rezatec with experienced financial modelling resource to help them quickly develop and improve their long term financial forecasts tools.

Case Study 6: University Spin-out

May 2017


Krino Partners are working with UCL technology transfer office (UCLB) to perform pre-commercialization analysis of an exciting new nano-technology that has the potential to make high-quality 2D materials in bulk. These materials are similar to graphene but have a much wider range of possible applications including: high-performance composites, solar cells, sensors, battery electrodes, catalyst supports and printable electronics.

Case Study 7: Fund Raising

May 2017

Robox-LogoCEL-UK have designed, manufacture and sell the Robox 3D printers for the UK academic and hobby market. Their technology is highly innovative, and their printers produce parts with materials and quality only seen on much more expensive machines.  Krino Partners is working the CEL-UK to raise funds to expand their sales and marketing capability and develop their technology into the light-industrial market.

Case Study 8: Company Advice

May 2017


The SETsquared Partnership is the enterprise collaboration between five leading research-intensive universities: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. Krino Partners work with SETsquared at Bristol’s iconic Engine Shed Incubator, to provide expert advice to new businesses through their Review Panels and are giving an Investment Workshop at Surrey University.

Case Study 9: Investment Masterclass

June 2017

CBI image

As anyone who has tried to raise funds for a new company knows; CEO actually stands for Chief Equity Officer. Raising money can take a lot of time and requires a particular kind of determination.

In this workshop we get you to think like an investor: what are they looking for when they evaluate a new proposition, and how do they make money out of you?


Krino – Investment presentation

Case Study 10: Stories From Science

A podcast: A interview with Stephen Bennington

Stories from Science